Consistent church growth is the desire at the heart of every Pastor and church congregation.


As visitors come into the church, the vision is for them to be converted and to become genuine believers, filled with the Spirit of God, fruitful, productive disciples of Jesus Christ.


The Bible, the Word of God, gives us divine strategy for achieving radical church growth.


God does his part in this strategy, and expects us to do ours ...


Through the gospel message God draws people to himself.


This is the first step in church growth.


"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ" - Romans 10:17


Fellowship with the believers is a vital part of retaining vistors and converts.


People must become part of your church community, not just part of your worship experience.


Phenomenal Follow-up equips you with a proven fellowship strategy.


There is crucial window of opportunity for contacting people who have made a decision for Jesus.


Phenomenal Follow-up gives you an effective strategy for contacting and impacting new believers in Christ.


There are tools that can be given to converts and church members to facilitate their spiritual growth and development.


Phenomenal Follow-up provides shared resources and personal growth strategies for converts.


Effective follow-up requires an effective plan and people who have a faith and vision for the plan and for the converts.


Phenomenal Follow-up not only gives you an effective plan, it also gives you the tools required to cast the vision upon your church congregation.


Phenomenal Follow-up gives you powerful convert analysis and reporting facilities, tailored for each convert. Instantly see:


Attendance trends


Areas where investment and input are most needed.