Phenomenal Follow-up is provided as a web-based application.


When you subscribe to Phenomenal Follow-up you will receive:


  • Your unique Phenomenal Follow-up web login address (URL)

    • Accessible from all web-enabled devices (including Smart Phones, tablets, MAC, PC)


  • Your fully hosted and managed Phenomenal Follow-up Web Application 


  • MYSQL database

    • Backed-up

    • Secure


  • Access to Phenomenal Follow-up shared resources

    • Notes

    • Music

    • Tutorials

    • Fellowship Strategies


  • Help & support

    • Telephone/Email guidance

    • On-site training/seminars for your ministry team (fees apply)

    • Tools, tips and tricks for a successful follow-up ministry



12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION ONLY £8.33 per month (Special Offer)

(Normal price is £15 per month)




Follow-up. Made phenomenal.
Phenomenal Follow-up is a registered trade mark.   
Copyright (c) 2015 Steve Marshall. All rights reserved.
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