Phenomenal Follow-up was developed by Pastor Steve Marshall.


Pastor Steve has been in the ministry for over ten years.  He was saved in the Potters House Church Bristol in 1999. Along with his wife and family, he has pioneered churches from scratch in England and in Africa (as missionaries).  By the grace of God he was able to see tremendous and rapid growth in conversions and discipleship.


Pastor Steve has been involved in follow-up ministry for over fifteen years.  Phenomenal follow-up is the product of the vast experience, knowledge and wisdom that he has gained in this area.


As a Staff Pastor in Potters House Church Rotherhithe, Pastor Steve leads a follow-up ministry team of over fifty people which is managed and enhanced by Phenomenal Follow-up, with tremendous results.


Using his background as an Analyst/Programmer and Software Engineer, Pastor Steve developed Phenomenal Follow-up from scratch by himself to incorporate the many successful follow-up techniques that he has learned over the years.


Having seen the tremendous success of Phenomenal Follow-up, Pastor Steve is now making the software available to churches everywhere.


When you subscribe to Phenomenal Follow-up you will have personal help and guidance from Pastor Steve, including:

  • Telephone/Email guidance

  • On-site training/seminars for your ministry team

  • Tools, tips and tricks for a successful follow-up ministry


You can also reach Pastor Steve at:


Skype: Pastor__Steve


Twitter: @pastorsteve